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Top SUV Camper Conversions for Outdoor Living

SUV conversions are a popular choice for those looking to venture into the world of van life. They offer more interior space than sedan campers, while still providing the fuel efficiency and stealth of a smaller vehicle. There are a wide range of options when it comes to converting an SUV into a camper, from DIY builds to pre-built conversion kits. In this article, we will explore some of the top SUV camper conversion choices available, including the Toyota 4Runner, Honda CR-V, and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Best SUV camper conversions provide ample interior space while maintaining fuel efficiency.
  • Options range from DIY builds to pre-built conversion kits.
  • Toyota 4Runner and Honda CR-V are popular choices for SUV camper conversions.
  • Each conversion can be customized to suit individual preferences and needs.
  • Venturing into van life with an SUV camper provides comfort, versatility, and the freedom to explore the great outdoors.

Toyota 4Runner SUV Camper Conversion

The Toyota 4Runner is a popular choice for those looking to convert an SUV into a camper. One example of a successful 4Runner camper conversion is the build by @romanandjulia on Instagram. They worked with a contractor to transform their 2021 Toyota 4Runner into a full-time camper.

Their conversion features:

  • Awning attached to the roof rack for shade
  • Pressurized solar shower system
  • Storage box acting as a closet and garage
  • Kitchen setup with storage drawers

The couple sleeps on a tri-fold mattress in the back of the vehicle.

This is just one example of the many creative ways the 4Runner can be converted into a camper.

Custom Toyota 4Runner SUV Camper Conversion

Feature Description
Awning Provides shade and outdoor living space
Solar Shower Pressurized shower system powered by solar energy
Storage Box Multi-purpose storage acting as a closet and garage
Kitchen Setup Includes storage drawers and cooking facilities
Sleeping Arrangement Tri-fold mattress for comfortable rest

Honda CR-V SUV Camper Conversion

Looking for a reliable and compact SUV camper conversion? The Honda CR-V is a popular choice in the world of van life. Clara, a solo senior, transformed her 2020 Honda CR-V into a comfortable living space for her camping adventures.

  • Single Mattress with Storage: Clara’s CR-V camper conversion features a single mattress that provides a cozy sleeping area. The mattress is cleverly designed with storage space beneath, maximizing the use of the limited interior space.
  • 4-Drawer Plastic Dresser: To organize her kitchen supplies, Clara added a 4-drawer plastic dresser. This convenient storage solution keeps everything easily accessible while on the road.
  • Window Screens: To enjoy fresh air while keeping insects out, Clara installed window screens. These screens allow for airflow inside the CR-V and provide a bug-free environment.
  • Rod with Hooks: Hanging items can be a challenge in a small camper, but Clara found a solution. She added a rod with hooks to hang towels, clothes, and other essentials, keeping them within reach and neatly organized.
  • Mosquito Net: To ensure a comfortable night’s sleep without any unwanted visitors, Clara incorporated a mosquito net. The net provides airflow while keeping pesky mosquitoes at bay.

Clara’s CR-V camper conversion showcases how even a smaller SUV can be transformed into a functional and inviting living space. With careful planning and creative design, the Honda CR-V proves to be an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a compact yet versatile camper.

Honda CR-V SUV Camper Conversion Image

Benefits of the Honda CR-V SUV Camper Conversion

The Honda CR-V SUV camper conversion offers several advantages:

  1. Compact Size: The CR-V’s compact size allows for easy maneuverability, making it ideal for both urban settings and off-road adventures.
  2. Fuel Efficiency: The Honda CR-V is known for its fuel efficiency, providing cost savings during your camping trips.
  3. Reliability: Honda is renowned for producing reliable vehicles, offering peace of mind during your camping escapades.
  4. Comfort: Despite its smaller size, the CR-V can be customized to provide a comfortable living space with the right camper conversion.
Pros of Honda CR-V SUV Camper Conversion Cons of Honda CR-V SUV Camper Conversion
– Compact and easy to maneuver – Limited interior space compared to larger SUVs
– Fuel-efficient for cost-effective travel – May lack some amenities compared to larger campers
– Reliable and durable – Limited storage space
– Customizable to fit individual needs – Sleeping area may be cozier for taller individuals


Converting an SUV into a camper is a great option for those looking to explore the world of van life. SUV campers offer a combination of comfort, versatility, and fuel efficiency, making them a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you choose to do a DIY build or opt for a pre-built conversion kit, there are plenty of options available to suit your needs and budget.

From the Toyota 4Runner to the Honda CR-V and more, these SUV camper conversions showcase the endless possibilities for creating your own mobile home on wheels. The Toyota 4Runner offers ample space and innovative designs like the build by @romanandjulia on Instagram, featuring a pressurized solar shower system and a kitchen setup. On the other hand, the Honda CR-V demonstrates how even a smaller SUV can be transformed into a comfortable living space, as seen in Clara’s conversion with a single mattress and window screens.

So, hit the road and start your outdoor adventures with the best SUV camper conversion that suits your lifestyle. Whether you’re a solo traveler or a family of four, these conversions offer the convenience and freedom to explore the great outdoors while still providing the comforts of home. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create your own mobile sanctuary and embrace the van life experience.


What is an SUV camper conversion?

An SUV camper conversion is the process of transforming an SUV into a camper or recreational vehicle. It involves modifying the interior space to create a comfortable living area with sleeping quarters, storage, and sometimes a kitchen or bathroom.

Why choose an SUV camper conversion?

SUV camper conversions offer the best of both worlds – the interior space and amenities of a camper van, with the fuel efficiency, maneuverability, and stealth of a smaller vehicle. They provide a comfortable and versatile option for outdoor adventures and camping trips.

Can I convert any SUV into a camper?

While most SUVs can be converted into campers, the ease and options will vary depending on the specific make and model. Some popular choices for SUV camper conversions include the Toyota 4Runner, Honda CR-V, Jeep Wrangler, Subaru Outback, and Ford Explorer, among others.

Are there pre-built conversion kits available for SUV campers?

Yes, there are several companies that specialize in producing pre-built conversion kits specifically designed for SUVs. These kits can range from basic sleeping platforms to fully equipped camper modules with kitchenettes, storage, and other amenities.

How much does an SUV camper conversion cost?

The cost of an SUV camper conversion can vary widely depending on factors such as the level of customization, materials used, and whether you choose to do the conversion yourself or hire a professional. DIY conversions can start as low as a few hundred dollars, while professionally built conversions can cost several thousand dollars.

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