Universal Host Navigator, In Car Android Player

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Product information:

Material: Plastic Hardware Electronics

Power supply mode: 12V

Power: 60W

Specification: Volkswagen 7-inch,

Appearance dimensions: 1+32G, 2+32G, 1+32G Carplay, 2+32G Carplay


1. Android 12 system

2. Supports high-definition and high-definition AHD 720P/1080P reverse cameras

3. Built in GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth, Carplay

4. Built in radio FM+RDS

5. ASP, subwoofer, DSP

6. Supports external 360 boxes

7. Supports 2-way USB interface and front USB interface

8. Supports 1 video output and 2 video inputs (1 reverse video input and 1 AUX video input)

9. Supports left and right channel audio line output, supports voice (Tongxing/Sibichi)

10. Support split screen/picture in picture

11. Support mobile internet (Timaxing/Yilian)

12. Built in third-party applications (domestic: Gaode, QQ Music; overseas: Google Maps, Chrome, Play Store, YouTube)

13. Supports hot start and instant power on, supports fast reverse

14. Support protocol box manufacturer coverage rate of 99%

16. Supports multiple languages (including Poland and Czech Republic)

17. Supports USB interface for driving recorder DVR

Packing list:



Weight 1.35 kg
Dimensions 270 × 260 × 80 cm



1and32G, 1and32G Carplay, 2and32G, 2and32G Carplay


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