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Does Turo Have Car Seats


Does Turo Have Car Seats: Turo has emerged as a popular and innovative platform that connects travelers with unique and diverse vehicles offered by individual car owners. Whether you’re seeking a stylish sports car for a weekend getaway, a spacious SUV for a family vacation, or a practical sedan for your daily commute, Turo provides an extensive range of rental options to suit your needs and preferences.

One common concern among travelers, especially those with young children, is the availability of car seats when renting a vehicle through Turo. Ensuring the safety and comfort of your little ones while on the road is paramount, and car seats play a crucial role in achieving this goal.

We will explore the availability of car seats for rent on Turo, including the types of car seats offered and how to request them when booking a vehicle.  We will emphasize the importance of child safety while traveling and highlight the role that properly installed car seats play in protecting young passengers. We will provide valuable tips and considerations for travelers who plan to journey with children, from selecting the right car seat to ensuring a safe and comfortable ride.

Does Turo Have Car Seats

Do they bring the car to you on Turo?

Find your car, confirm your delivery location, and book your trip. Cancel for free up to 24 hours before your trip starts. Your host will deliver the car right to you! Check in with the app, grab the keys, and hit the road!

Delivery Options: When booking a car on Turo, renters can often choose between different delivery options, including “Owner delivers to me” and “I’ll pick up the car.” If you select “Owner delivers to me,” the car owner will bring the car to your specified location.

Location and Timing: During the booking process, you’ll provide details about where you want the car to be delivered and the desired delivery time. The car owner will confirm whether they can accommodate your request.

Communication: It’s to communicate with the car owner to coordinate the delivery details and ensure a smooth handover of the vehicle. The Turo messaging system is often used for this purpose.

Delivery Fee: Some car owners may charge a delivery fee for bringing the car to you. The fee can vary based on factors such as the distance to the delivery location and the owner’s preferences.

What are the features of Turo car rental?

Turo is Perfect for Road Trips

Turo hosts offer many different features and amenities that make it a great option for fly-and-drive road trips. There are hosts that offer cooler rentals, car tents, ski racks, phone mounts, chargers, and more that can be perfect for road trips.

Diverse Vehicle Selection: Turo provides access to a wide variety of vehicles, from economy cars and luxury sedans to sports cars, SUVs, and unique specialty vehicles. This diverse selection allows renters to find a car that suits their needs and preferences.

User-Friendly Platform: Turo’s website and mobile app are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Renters can search for cars based on location, date, price, and vehicle type. Booking a car is a straightforward process, and the platform offers secure payment options.

Choice of Delivery or Pickup: Renters have the option to choose whether they want the car delivered to a specified location or if they prefer to pick up the car themselves. Many car owners offer delivery services to locations like airports, hotels, and residences.

Flexible Rental Periods: Turo offers flexibility in rental durations. Renters can choose from options like hourly, daily, or weekly rentals, depending on their needs. Some cars may also be available for longer-term rentals.

Is there another app like Turo?

The best alternatives to Turo are Skurt 2.0, Getaround, and Carculator. If these 3 options don’t work for you, we’ve listed a few more alternatives below.

Getaround: Getaround is a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform that allows car owners to rent out their vehicles when they’re not in use. Renters can access and book cars through the Getaround app, which also provides features like keyless entry.

Zipcar: Zipcar is a car-sharing service that operates a fleet of company-owned vehicles available for short-term rentals by the hour or day. Unlike Turo and Getaround, Zipcar doesn’t involve individual car owners.

HyreCar: HyreCar specializes in rentals for rideshare drivers. It connects vehicle owners with drivers who need cars to work for services like Uber and Lyft.

Borrow: Borrow is a car-sharing platform that offers electric vehicles for rent. It allows renters to book electric cars for short-term use, making it a sustainable alternative to traditional car rentals.

Can you put 2 drivers on Turo?

Guests and additional drivers

Guests can request to add up to eight additional drivers.

During Booking: When you’re in the process of booking a car on Turo, you’ll have the option to add additional drivers. Look for the section that allows you to enter the names and email addresses of the additional drivers you’d like to include.

Driver Verification: Turo may require each additional driver to go through a driver verification process, which typically involves submitting a photo of their driver’s license and completing identity verification. This is done to ensure that all drivers meet Turo’s eligibility criteria.

Additional Driver Fee: Some car owners may charge an additional fee for each extra driver added to the reservation. The fee, if applicable, will be displayed during the booking process, and you can review it before confirming the reservation.

Is Hertz or Turo better?

Turo can be a really great alternative given how expensive and tough to find rental cars are right now. But you should also keep in mind that if something goes wrong, it could be more difficult to reach your host than it would be to reach a rep at Enterprise or Hertz, for example.

Traditional Rental Company: Hertz is a well-established, traditional car rental company with a global presence. It operates company-owned fleets of vehicles that are available for rent at various locations, including airports and city centers.

Variety of Vehicles: Hertz offers a wide range of vehicle options, from economy cars to luxury vehicles, SUVs, and trucks. You can often find standard rental vehicles as well as specialty and premium options.

Consistency: Hertz maintains consistent service standards and policies across its locations, which can provide a predictable rental experience.

Frequent Traveler Programs: Hertz offers loyalty programs and rewards for frequent renters, including the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program.

Especially in big cities, you might find a car in far more convenient locations. Turo Go enables pickup and drop-off at any hour, so you’re not constrained by rental car companies’ operating hours. Because much of the rental price goes directly back to the car’s owner, more money stays in local communities.

Unique and Diverse Vehicle Selection: Turo offers a wide variety of vehicles, including unique and specialty cars that may not be available through traditional rental companies. This appeals to travelers looking for distinctive and memorable experiences.

Local and Personalized Rentals: Turo’s peer-to-peer model allows renters to interact directly with car owners. This personal touch can lead to more personalized and local rental experiences, with owners often providing insights and recommendations about their area.

Flexibility in Rental Options: Turo provides flexibility in rental durations, allowing renters to choose hourly, daily, or weekly rentals. This flexibility caters to a range of travel needs, from short day trips to longer vacations.

Choice of Pickup and Delivery: Renters can often choose between pickup and delivery options, including having the car delivered to a specified location, such as an airport or hotel. This convenience can enhance the rental experience.

Is Turo only in the US?

Where Turo is available. You can book a trip with a Turo host in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. You can also book a Turo trip in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec.

No, Turo is not limited to the United States; it operates in multiple countries around the world. While Turo started in the United States, it has expanded its services to numerous international locations, allowing both car owners and renters to participate in its peer-to-peer car-sharing platform in various regions.

The availability of Turo in specific countries and cities may vary, and the platform continues to expand its presence globally. If you’re interested in using Turo in a particular location outside of the United States, you can visit the Turo website or mobile app to check for available rentals and browse the listings in that area.

Turo typically adapts its services to comply with local regulations and requirements in each country, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the specific policies and guidelines that apply to your chosen destination when using Turo internationally.

Which city is best for Turo?

As Turo’s largest market four years and counting, Los Angeles still reigns supreme as the hottest place to cash in on your car. With that famous year-round Cali sun and one of the strongest car cultures in the world, locals and global travelers alike depend on Turo to explore the City of Angels.

Tourist Destinations: Turo tends to thrive in popular tourist destinations, as travelers often seek unique and personalized transportation options. Cities known for tourism, such as Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City, often have a wide range of vehicles available for rent on Turo.

Major Metropolitan Areas: Large cities and metropolitan regions tend to have more Turo listings and options. Cities like San Francisco, Chicago, and London may have a high concentration of vehicles.

Specialty and Unique Cars: If you’re interested in renting specialty or unique vehicles, consider cities with a strong car enthusiast community. For example, you might find a greater selection of luxury and sports cars in cities with a thriving automotive culture.

Local Transportation Needs: In some cities, Turo can be a convenient option for locals who need a car for specific purposes, such as weekend getaways or occasional trips. These cities may have a variety of vehicles that cater to local needs.

Does Turo Have Car Seats


In our exploration of whether Turo offers car seats for travelers, we have uncovered a valuable resource for those who prioritize safety and comfort while exploring new destinations. Turo, known for its diverse selection of rental vehicles, also recognizes the importance of providing solutions for families and travelers with young children.

While Turo does not provide car seats as a standard inclusion with rental vehicles, it offers the flexibility to rent vehicles that may come equipped with car seats, or to request car seats as an add-on when booking. This provides peace of mind to parents and caregivers, allowing them to secure a properly installed car seat for their young passengers.

The safety of our loved ones is paramount, and Turo’s car commitment to accommodating the needs of families and travelers with children underscores its dedication to creating a secure and enjoyable travel experience. By adhering to Turo’s policies and guidelines regarding car seats, travelers can embark on their journeys with the assurance that their precious cargo is protected.

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