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Does Triple A Replace Car Keys


Contrary to a widespread misconception, AAA does not typically replace car keys. While the organization excels in delivering services such as tire changes, battery jump-starts, and fuel delivery, key replacement falls outside the scope of its roadside assistance offerings. AAA’s primary focus is on addressing immediate issues that leave drivers stranded, ensuring their safety, and getting them back on the road promptly.

Car key replacement is a specialized service that involves cutting and programming new keys, a task often performed by locksmiths or the vehicle manufacturer. Some newer vehicles come equipped with advanced key fobs and electronic immobilizer systems, making key replacement even more intricate. In such cases, reaching out to the car manufacturer or a professional locksmith with expertise in automotive key systems is the recommended course of action.

That said, AAA does offer member discounts for locksmith services, which can be a helpful resource for those in need of key replacement. Members can take advantage of these discounts when utilizing the services of AAA-approved locksmiths, providing a cost-effective solution for regaining access to their vehicles.

Does Triple A Replace Car Keys

Can AAA help with a lost key fob?

They will drive to you and make a car key on the spot, even if you don’t have the original. If you need a more technologically advanced key, like a key fob, a key fob with a switchblade key, transponder key, or smart key, call roadside assistance instead of a locksmith. They will tow your car to the dealership for you.

AAA, renowned for its comprehensive roadside assistance, is a valuable resource for drivers facing the inconvenience of a lost key fob. While AAA does not directly replace key fobs, it offers assistance by connecting members with reputable locksmith services. Members can take advantage of exclusive discounts when utilizing AAA-approved locksmiths, ensuring a cost-effective solution to their key fob predicament.

When confronted with a lost key fob, it is advisable to contact AAA promptly. The organization can guide members on the appropriate steps to take and recommend qualified locksmiths who specialize in key fob replacement. These professionals possess the expertise to cut and program new key fobs, ensuring compatibility with the vehicle’s security system.

How much is it to get a new car key made without the original?

Several key repair and replacement companies contacted by Motors mostly priced the job at between €50 and €300. Alan Moss, parts advisor at Michael Grant Renault, Sandymount, Dublin, put the average cost of replacing a key on an older car at “around €50”.

The cost of getting a new car key made without the original can vary depending on several factors. Generally, the type of key and the complexity of the key’s technology play a significant role in determining the price.

Traditional metal keys without electronic components are usually more affordable to replace. You can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $50 for a basic metal key. However, modern vehicles often come equipped with transponder keys or key fobs with electronic components for added security. Replacing these keys tends to be more expensive, ranging from $50 to $500 or more, depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

For vehicles with advanced key fob systems, the cost may also include programming fees to sync the new key with the car’s electronic system. In such cases, seeking services from the vehicle manufacturer or a reputable locksmith with expertise in automotive key systems is advisable.

What to do if the car key is lost?

You can call a locksmith who will decode your locks and make new keys for the car. He/she will then program the car to those keys and wipe the old keys from the car system. While this means anyone with the old keys will still be able to gain access to the car, they will not be able to start it.

Losing your car key can be a stressful experience, but there are specific steps to take to address the situation efficiently. First, remain calm and retrace your steps to locate the key, checking common places like pockets, bags, and nearby surfaces.

If the key is genuinely lost, check if you have a spare key. Having a spare can save you from immediate inconvenience. If no spare is available, contact the vehicle manufacturer or dealership to inquire about the possibility of obtaining a replacement key. They can provide information on the process, cost, and documentation required.

Another option is to seek the assistance of a professional locksmith. Locksmiths are equipped to handle key replacements, including cutting and programming new keys. It’s advisable to choose a reputable locksmith with experience in automotive key systems.

How do you start a car if you lose the key fob?

There are several methods you can try to start your car without a key fob in case of an emergency: the screwdriver-hammer method, hotwiring the engine or looking for the red coil wire. You can also try to use the mobile app (if applicable) or locate the secret switch that’s usually located in the steering column.

For keyless ignition systems or push-to-start vehicles, the process may vary. Some models have an emergency key slot typically located near the steering column or in the center console. Inserting the emergency key allows you to turn on the ignition manually.

In some cases, vehicles may have a designated procedure to start the engine without the key fob, often involving a combination of pressing buttons or using a hidden key slot. Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for specific instructions.

If these methods prove unsuccessful or if you’re unsure, it’s recommended to contact the vehicle manufacturer, a dealership, or a qualified automotive locksmith for guidance and assistance. They can provide information tailored to your vehicle’s specifications and help you start your car securely.

How can I track my car key?

You will need a car key tracking device or an app connected to your key. The device consists of two parts – a remote and a receiver. You use the receiver to send a signal and then you can track it with the radio frequency or Bluetooth. If you’re using a Bluetooth key finder, you’ll need to connect it to your phone.

Check common locations such as pockets, bags, and surfaces where the key could have been misplaced. If you have a key tracker or a device connected to your key fob, use the associated app to locate it. Many modern key fobs come with Bluetooth or GPS capabilities, allowing you to track them through your smartphone.

If you’re unable to find the key using these methods, consider enlisting the help of others. Communicate with family members, friends, or colleagues who may have been with you when you last had the key. Sometimes, a fresh perspective can lead to the key’s discovery.

If all else fails, contact the places you visited recently, such as restaurants, shops, or public transportation services, to inquire if someone has found and reported your lost key. Additionally, check with local lost and found services or law enforcement.

Does Triple A Replace Car Keys

What is the difference between a transponder key and a chip key?

Chipped, or Transponder, keys are keys that have an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip inside the head of the key. These types of keys have become an industry standard for vehicle manufacturers. This is because the RFID chip adds an extra layer of security to your vehicle’s ignition.

The terms “transponder key” and “chip key” are often used interchangeably, but they refer to different types of vehicle keys with distinct technologies. A transponder key is a type of key that incorporates a small electronic chip or transponder inside. This chip emits a signal to the car’s immobilizer system, allowing the engine to start only when the correct signal is received.

On the other hand, a chip key is a broader term that can encompass various types of keys with embedded electronic components. While a transponder key is a specific type of chip key, other chip keys may use different technologies, such as RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) or even more advanced systems.

Why are replacement car keys so expensive?

The technologically advanced keys that go into these systems are expensive. Then there is the cost of coding keys so that they match the cars they are being issued for. In short, we are paying for technology.

The cost of replacement car keys can be relatively high, and several factors contribute to their expense. One significant factor is the evolving technology embedded in modern keys. Many vehicles now use sophisticated key fobs and transponder systems, which require specialized equipment and expertise for cutting and programming. This advanced technology increases the overall cost of producing replacement keys.

Additionally, the need for security and anti-theft measures adds to the complexity and cost. Manufacturers implement encryption and unique codes in key fobs to prevent unauthorized duplication, making the replacement process more intricate.

The distribution channels also play a role in the cost. Car dealerships, often a primary source for replacement keys, may charge higher prices due to their overhead costs and the use of proprietary technology.

How fast can I get a new key fob?

This varies between vehicles and some could take up to an hour to get a car key replacement cut and programmed. Most modern car keys and fobs today have transponder chips in them which may require the key or fob to be programmed to the vehicle.

The speed at which you can obtain a new key fob depends on several factors, including your chosen method of replacement and the availability of services. If you order a replacement key fob through the dealership or manufacturer, the process may take some time, typically ranging from a few days to a couple of weeks. This is because they often need to program the key fob specifically for your vehicle, and shipping times may contribute to the overall duration.

On the other hand, if you opt for the services of a professional locksmith, the turnaround time can be quicker. Locksmiths often have the necessary tools and equipment to program key fobs on-site, allowing you to get a new one faster. Some locksmiths may even offer mobile services, coming to your location for added convenience.

If you’re a member of a roadside assistance service like AAA, they can connect you with reputable locksmiths, potentially expediting the process. Keep in mind that the speed of obtaining a new key fob also relies on the locksmith’s schedule and availability.

Does Triple A Replace Car Keys


Car owners should be aware that seeking key replacement services often requires the expertise of locksmiths or collaboration with the vehicle manufacturer. Professional locksmiths possess the skills and tools necessary for cutting and programming new keys, ensuring a seamless and secure resolution to the predicament of lost keys. Vehicle manufacturers, on the other hand, can provide replacement keys that are specifically tailored to the vehicle’s make and model, maintaining compatibility with intricate electronic systems.

While AAA may not directly replace car keys, it does extend a valuable service to its members by offering discounts on locksmith services. This presents an advantageous option for those grappling with key-related issues, allowing them to benefit from cost-effective solutions when engaging AAA-approved locksmiths.

In navigating the landscape of car key replacement, understanding the limitations of AAA’s services is pivotal. By recognizing that AAA excels in addressing immediate roadside challenges but may not be the ultimate solution for key replacement, drivers can make informed decisions and choose the appropriate avenues for assistance. Whether through locksmith services or collaboration with the vehicle manufacturer, drivers have a range of options at their disposal to regain access to their vehicles and resume their journeys with minimal disruption.

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