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Surfboard Car Roof Rack: The allure of the open sea and the thrill of riding the waves have captivated surf enthusiasts for generations. For those who crave the ocean’s embrace, transporting a surfboard to the perfect break is a fundamental aspect of the surfing lifestyle. Enter the Surfboard Car Roof Rack – a essential accessory that seamlessly combines functionality and style for the avid wave rider.


Designed with the surfer in mind, these roof racks provide a secure and convenient solution for transporting surfboards to and from the beach. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice eager to catch your first wave, the Surfboard Car Roof Rack ensures that your surfboard arrives safely at your chosen surf spot, ready to take on the rolling waves.


Crafted from durable materials and engineered with precision, these roof racks offer a reliable and efficient means of transporting surfboards without compromising on the aesthetics of your vehicle. As we delve into the world of surf culture, the Surfboard Car Roof Rack emerges as an indispensable companion, embodying the spirit of adventure and the pursuit of the perfect wave. Join us as we explore the features, benefits, and the undeniable sense of freedom that comes with this essential accessory for surf enthusiasts worldwide.Surfboard Car Roof Rack

Can you put surfboard on top of car?

You should start by placing the foam protectors on the rigid roof rack of your car, then place the surfboards on top of the protectors with the nose of the surfboard facing forwards with face down, ensure it is well centered. We will use the fastening straps to secure the surfboards to the roofrack.


Absolutely, placing a surfboard on the top of a car is a common and practical method for transporting this beloved water sports equipment. To achieve this, surfers utilize specialized equipment known as surfboard car racks. These racks are designed to be attached securely to the roof of a vehicle, providing a safe and efficient means of carrying one or multiple surfboards.


Typically constructed from sturdy materials like aluminum or steel, these roof racks offer a reliable platform for securing surfboards during transit. They come in various designs, including soft foam pads, adjustable straps, and locking mechanisms, ensuring that the surfboard remains stable and protected against wind resistance and road vibrations.


By placing a surfboard on top of a car, surf enthusiasts gain the flexibility to explore different surf breaks and coastal destinations. This convenient transportation method allows surfers to chase the waves, share the stoke with friends, and embark on spontaneous surfing adventures. In essence, putting a surfboard on top of a car, facilitated by purpose-built roof racks, becomes a symbol of the surf culture’s freedom and the pursuit of endless waves.

Can you strap a surfboard to a car without a rack?

This is the cheapest method and very easy to travel with as they are so small and don’t weigh much! If you don’t have a roof rack you can then strap your board tightly to the roof of your car directly with ratchet straps. These pass around the boards and fix on the inside of your car.


While it is possible to strap a surfboard to a car without a dedicated roof rack, it’s important to exercise caution and take certain precautions to ensure both safety and the protection of your surfboard. Without a proper rack system, consider using soft roof pads or a foam block kit designed for this purpose. These accessories provide a cushioned surface and can be secured to the roof of your car with straps or tie-downs.


Begin by placing the soft pads or foam blocks on the roof, positioning them where the surfboard will rest. Lay the surfboard on top, making sure it is centered and aligned with the vehicle. Use strong and non-abrasive straps to secure the board tightly to the roof, threading them through the car’s interior or door frames. It’s crucial to fasten the straps securely to prevent any shifting or movement during transit.

Can you put surfboard on roof rack?

Wrap the straps through the side-rails (around the cross-bars) of the rack and over the top of the surfboard(s) then around the cross-bars on the other side. Make sure the strap buckle is not on the rail of the surfboard. Each strap should cross the board twice. Repeat for other cross-bar.


Certainly, placing a surfboard on a roof rack is a common and secure method for transporting surfboards. Roof racks are specifically designed to accommodate outdoor equipment, and they provide a stable and reliable platform for securing surfboards during transit. Typically made from durable materials such as aluminum or steel, roof racks consist of crossbars that span the width of the vehicle’s roof and offer attachment points for securing the surfboard.


To put a surfboard on a roof rack, start by ensuring that the roof rack is properly installed on the vehicle. Place the surfboard on top of the rack, positioning it parallel to the crossbars. Use adjustable straps or tie-downs to secure the surfboard to the rack, threading the straps through the board’s leash plug or strategically around the board to prevent movement. It’s important to tighten the straps securely to minimize any potential shifting or vibrations during transportation.


By utilizing a roof rack, surfers can travel with peace of mind, knowing that their surfboards are safely and securely mounted on the vehicle’s roof, leaving the interior space free for passengers and other gear.

Do I need a surfboard bag for roof rack?

Foamie board bags are necessary to prevent elemental damage to the exposed foam construction, reduce near and far travel wear, and eliminate strap indents on the rails when locked to a roof rack.Surfboard Car Roof Rack


A surfboard bag provides an extra layer of protection against potential damage caused by road debris, insects, UV rays, and the elements.

The bag acts as a shield, safeguarding your surfboard from scratches, dings, and exposure to sunlight during transit. Additionally, it helps to prevent wax transfer onto the roof of your car, keeping both your board and vehicle in better condition. Some surfboard bags are designed with additional padding to offer increased impact resistance, ensuring that your board remains in top shape.

Beyond protection, a surfboard bag can also simplify the process of securing your board to the roof rack. It helps to streamline the attachment of straps and tie-downs, providing a more organized and secure setup. Moreover, a bag can keep the wax on your surfboard from melting in the sun, particularly during long drives.

How many surfboards can you fit on a roof rack?

These padded “thru-the-door” style racks fit any vehicle (2-door or 4-door) and hold up to 3 surfboards. The number of surfboards you can fit on a roof rack depends on the size and design of both the rack and the surfboards. Typically, a standard roof rack with crossbars can accommodate two to four surfboards. The exact capacity will vary based on factors such as the width of the crossbars, the distance between them, and the length of the surfboards.


Shortboards generally require less space than longboards, allowing for the transportation of multiple boards on a single roof rack. To optimize space and ensure secure transport, surfboards should be arranged parallel to the crossbars, with adequate padding or surfboard-specific racks in place to prevent damage.

Should surfboard fins go in front or back of car?

As for board placement, place your board waxed side (deck) down with your fins facing up. The tail (fin end) should be pointing forward toward the front of the car.


When transporting a surfboard on a car roof rack, it is generally recommended to position the surfboard fins toward the back of the car. Placing the fins at the rear minimizes wind resistance and reduces the likelihood of the board catching air, especially at higher speeds. This configuration helps improve the aerodynamics and stability during transit.


By having the fins face the back of the car, you also decrease the risk of damage to the fins or the board itself. This orientation aligns with the natural airflow around the vehicle, reducing the impact on the surfboard and ensuring a smoother journey.


Additionally, having the fins at the back allows for easier loading and unloading of the surfboard. It’s essential to use proper straps or tie-downs to secure the board to the roof rack and prevent any movement during transportation.

Which way do you put a surfboard on a car?

And yes, for various reasons, placing the surfboard with the tail pointing forward and the nose on the back of the car is always better and safer. Finally, avoid running the straps through the windows. There are no real advantages, and you will not be able to open the doors of your car and get out easily.


When placing a surfboard on a car, the general practice is to position the board with the fins facing towards the back of the car. This arrangement aligns with the natural airflow over the vehicle, reducing wind resistance and enhancing aerodynamics. Placing the surfboard with the fins at the back also minimizes the risk of the board catching air, especially when driving at higher speeds, contributing to a smoother and more stable transit.


To secure the surfboard on the car, utilize a roof rack system designed for this purpose. Ensure that the board is centered on the rack and use proper straps or tie-downs to secure it firmly. It’s crucial to tighten the straps adequately to prevent any movement during transportation.

Can you put a surfboard on top of a roof box?

It is possible to mount the roof box and the surfboard side by side (just). However I found the weight of the box when loaded is all over one side of the roof. I didn’t want this to cause the roof to malfunction with the uneven load. So I needed to centre the roof box and find a way to mount the board on its edge.


While it is technically possible to place a surfboard on top of a roof box, it’s not the most recommended method for transporting surfboards. Roof boxes are designed for secure storage of items like luggage, gear, or equipment that can fit within their enclosed space. Placing a surfboard on top of a roof box may pose several challenges.Surfboard Car Roof Rack


The shape and size of a surfboard may not align well with the dimensions of a roof box, leading to instability and potential movement during transit. The aerodynamics could also be adversely affected, leading to increased wind resistance and reduced fuel efficiency.


The Surfboard Car Roof Rack stands as an indispensable companion for surf enthusiasts, seamlessly blending form and function in the pursuit of the perfect wave. This purpose-built accessory provides a secure and efficient means of transporting surfboards to coastal destinations, embodying the spirit of adventure that defines the surfing lifestyle.


Crafted from durable materials and designed with precision, these roof racks offer a stable platform for securing surfboards. Ensuring they arrive at the beach unscathed and ready for action. The convenience and flexibility provided by the Surfboard Car Roof Rack empower surfers. To explore diverse surf breaks and embark on spontaneous surfing escapades.


Moreover, the roof rack symbolizes the freedom associated with the surf culture, allowing enthusiasts to chase waves without compromising the interior space of their vehicles. Whether a seasoned pro or a novice rider, the Surfboard Car Roof Rack becomes an essential tool, enhancing the overall surfing experience by simplifying transportation logistics and emphasizing the excitement of the journey as much as the destination. As the wind carries the promise of endless waves, the Surfboard Car Roof Rack remains a steadfast ally for those who seek the thrill of the open sea.

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