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Best SUVs with Conversion Packages 2023

SUV campers have gained popularity among outdoor enthusiasts looking for a versatile and customizable adventure vehicle. With numerous options available for SUV conversions, it’s easier than ever to create your dream camper. Whether you’re a weekend camper or a full-time road-tripper, these SUVs with conversion packages are worth considering for your next adventure.

Key Takeaways:

  • SUV conversions offer a flexible platform for designing your camper layout.
  • There are numerous options available for SUV conversions, allowing you to tailor your camper to your specific needs and preferences.
  • Custom SUV conversions provide the opportunity for a unique and personalized camping experience.
  • Several reputable SUV conversion companies offer conversion kits and services to help you transform your vehicle.
  • Exploring different SUV conversion ideas and interiors can inspire your own camper design.

Reasons to Choose an SUV Conversion for Overlanding

When it comes to embarking on overland adventures, SUV conversions offer a range of benefits that make them a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts. From their versatility to their cost-effectiveness, here are some compelling reasons why SUV conversions are the go-to option for overlanding journeys.

1. SUV Campers: The Perfect Balance for Overland Travel

With SUV campers, you get the perfect balance between convenience and capability. SUVs are designed to handle various terrains, making them ideal for off-grid exploration. Their compact size allows them to navigate narrow trails and park in tight spaces while still providing ample interior space for sleeping quarters and storage.

2. Non-Permanent Conversions

Unlike traditional camper vans, SUV conversions offer non-permanent solutions. This flexibility allows you to use your vehicle for everyday city driving when you’re not on an overland adventure. You can easily set up and dismantle your camping setup as needed, ensuring that your vehicle remains versatile for different purposes.

3. Cheaper Than a Van

One of the significant advantages of SUV conversions is their affordability compared to full-sized vans. SUVs are generally more cost-effective to purchase and maintain, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers. Additionally, the conversion process for SUVs tends to be less expensive, allowing you to create a customized living space without breaking the bank.

4. Easy to Drive and Park

Another appeal of SUV conversions is their ease of maneuverability. SUVs are designed to provide a smooth and comfortable driving experience, with many models offering advanced safety features and modern technology. Their smaller size ensures effortless navigation through city streets and crowded campsites, making them a practical choice for both urban and off-road driving.

5. Super Stealth

When it comes to stealth camping, SUV conversions have the advantage. Their inconspicuous appearance allows you to blend in with regular vehicles, ensuring a low profile while camping in urban or restricted areas. This stealthy nature provides peace of mind for travelers who want to avoid drawing attention to their accommodations.

6. Easy and Inexpensive to Convert

Converting an SUV into a camper is a relatively straightforward process compared to larger vans. There are various conversion kits and accessories available specifically designed for SUVs, making it easier to transform your vehicle into a comfortable living space. The accessibility and affordability of these conversion options make SUV conversions an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts.

7. 4WD and AWD Options for Off-Road Capability

Many SUV models come with 4WD or AWD capabilities, enhancing their off-road performance. This feature allows you to tackle rugged terrains, sandy dunes, and steep inclines with confidence. Whether you’re traversing rocky trails or exploring remote wilderness, an SUV conversion with 4WD or AWD ensures you have the necessary control and traction to navigate challenging landscapes.

8. Excellent Gas Mileage

SUVs have come a long way in terms of fuel efficiency. With advancements in technology, many SUV models now offer impressive gas mileage, allowing you to travel longer distances on a single tank. This improved fuel economy not only saves you money on fuel costs but also reduces your environmental impact during your overland adventures.

“SUV conversions offer the perfect combination of versatility, affordability, and capability, making them an excellent choice for overland travel.” – Outdoor Enthusiast

With their practicality, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness, SUV conversions are an appealing option for those who want to embark on overland journeys. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or a beginner looking for a more affordable and flexible way to explore, an SUV conversion provides the freedom and comfort needed to make your overland travel dreams a reality.

Choosing the Right SUV Camper Conversion

When it comes to selecting an SUV for your camper conversion, there are a few key factors to consider. These include the cost, dimensions, and fuel economy of the vehicle. Evaluating these aspects will help you make an informed decision and ensure a successful camper conversion.

The cost of an SUV camper conversion can vary widely, depending on factors such as the brand, model, and the extent of customization you desire. It’s important to set a budget that aligns with your financial goals and find a conversion package that meets your needs without stretching your wallet too thin. Research different options, compare prices, and consider the long-term value of the investment.

Dimensions play a crucial role in determining the livability and functionality of an SUV camper. Consider the available space inside the vehicle and how it aligns with your specific requirements. Will it comfortably accommodate sleeping quarters, storage space, and other amenities? Measure the dimensions carefully and envision the layout to ensure it meets your needs for both comfort and functionality.

Fuel economy is a significant consideration for any overlander. While SUVs are known for their relatively higher fuel consumption compared to smaller vehicles, some models offer better fuel efficiency than others. Take into account the fuel economy of the SUV you’re considering and balance it with your intended usage, distance traveled, and budget for fuel expenses. Prioritizing fuel efficiency can save you money in the long run and contribute to a more sustainable travel experience.


What is an SUV conversion?

An SUV conversion refers to modifying a sport utility vehicle (SUV) into a camper or a vehicle suitable for overlanding and van life. It involves transforming the interior of the SUV, adding sleeping arrangements, storage compartments, and other amenities to create a functional living space.

What are the advantages of SUV conversions?

SUV conversions offer several benefits for overlanders. They provide a good platform for designing a layout and offer numerous options for customization. SUV campers are generally cheaper than vans and offer easier maneuverability, making them ideal for driving and parking in various terrains. They also offer excellent stealth capabilities, blending in more seamlessly with regular traffic. Additionally, SUV conversions are relatively easy and inexpensive to convert, with a wide range of conversion kits available in the market.

What features should I consider when choosing an SUV for camper conversion?

When selecting an SUV for camper conversion, it’s essential to consider factors such as cost, dimensions, and fuel economy. Determine your budget and research the costs associated with the specific SUV model you’re interested in. Consider the dimensions of the interior space to ensure it can accommodate your desired layout and storage needs. Lastly, evaluate the fuel economy of the SUV to estimate the cost of travel during your adventures.

Are there companies that specialize in SUV conversions?

Yes, there are several companies that specialize in SUV conversions. These companies offer custom SUV conversion packages and can assist with designing and building the interior layout, selecting appropriate accessories, and ensuring a seamless conversion process. Some well-known SUV conversion companies include [Name of Company A], [Name of Company B], and [Name of Company C].

What are some popular SUV conversion ideas?

SUV conversions provide ample room for creativity and customization. Some popular SUV conversion ideas include creating a convertible sleeping and seating area, installing a kitchenette with a stove and sink, incorporating a portable toilet or shower, adding storage cabinets and drawers, and integrating a solar power system for off-grid adventures. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to tailor the interior of your SUV camper to your specific needs and preferences.

Do SUV camper conversions have 4WD or AWD options?

Yes, many SUV models come with 4WD (four-wheel drive) or AWD (all-wheel drive) options, making them suitable for off-road and overland travel. These drivetrain options enhance the vehicle’s capabilities in challenging terrain and provide additional traction and control. When choosing an SUV for camper conversion, you can opt for a model with 4WD or AWD, depending on your intended travel destinations and off-road requirements.

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